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Creact International Corporation

Creact International Corp(CIC) was established in 1992, to provide motion capturing systems and sensors to scientists, researchers and engineers in Japan. As the importer of world-wide famous products, the know-how obtained in the motion capturing field made CIC the leader of Eye Tracking and 3D Tracking systems.

Our partners

Al Cielo.
Al Cielo Inertial Solutions (ACIS) is a leading manufacturer of closed loop FOG based inertial systems. For 10 years, ACIS has been supplying Israeli and International clients with high-performance, relaible and ITAR free inertial solutions, while maintaining a competitive and fair price.

SBG Systems.
SBG Systems is a fast growing supplier of miniature, high performance and innovative motion sensing solutions. SBG Systems offers a complete line of inertial sensors based on the state-of-art MEMS technology such as AHRS, IMU, INS with embeded GPS (INS/GPS), etc.

Polhemus is the premier motion measurement technology company that have been helping customers break new ground with best-in-class 6 Degree-Of-Freedom (6DOF) systems for over 40 years.

Plux, S.A
Established in 2007, PLUX creates innovative products for Physiotherapists and Researchers, by developing an advanced biosignal monitoring platform that integrates wearable body sensors such as EMG,  respiration, and accelerometers combined with wireless connectivity and software applications.

Smart Technology Limited.
Smart ER fluid has been developed over the past twenty years and is now regarded as “the best” ER fluid in the world. Smart ER fluids have been designed as a workable engineering material, non-toxic, with high strength, and good compatibility with sealing systems.

LORD MicroStrain,Inc.
LORD MicroStrain produces micro-miniature displacement, force, inclination and orientation sensors and microelectronics for analog and digital signal conditioner.

Advanced Brain Monitoring
ABM’s state-of-the-art mobile, versatile and easy-to-use wireless EEG systems and software are enabling technologies for acquisition and interpretation of physiological signals across a wide variety of real-world applications.

ISCAN Eye movement monitoring systems are real time TV based instruments that track the movement of human or animal pupils and simultaneously measure pupil diameter. And calculate point of regards

novel gmbH
With more than 25 years of experience, novel is the leader in accurate and reliable pressure distribution measurement systems. Outstanding scientific software for the analysis of medical and indutrial data allows the user to be always one step ahead.

or over a decade EyeTracking, Inc. has provided software and research services to a variety of diverse industries all over the world. EyeTracking, Inc. was selected to participate in the Augmented Cognition for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA)

Arrington Research,Inc.
The ViewPoint EyeTracker is used in laboratories across the world and is widely known as the most affordable, best value and most user friendly 60 Hz eye tracker available.

Tobii Technologies
Tobii eye-tracker for psychology, usability, advertising studies vision research, provides more effective studies and truly natural subject responses, without compromising tracking quality.

InterSense precision motion trackers allow designers, artists, assembly line workers, scientists and teachers to interact with three dimension virtual images in a way that are life changing.

Precision Position Tracker PPTPlustracks large areas (30 meters or more) while maintaining high precision and accuracy.

3rdTech provides the missing link between university technology and high-tech products, between research and commerce, between academic expertise and entrepreneurial success.

CyberGlove Systems LLC.
The CyberGlove has been used in a wide variety of real-world applications, including digital prototype evaluation, virtual reality biomechanics, and animation.

TEA(Technology, Ergonomics, Applications) specializes in the development, supply and imprementation high-end sensors, measurement and analysis solution for a variety of research topics: Human Motion in the Lab or in the real world, Workplace Safety Simulation, Head-Face and Eye Tracking.

Instrumented Sensor Technologies
Instrumented Sensor Technology, Inc. was founded in 1987 to design, develop, and manufacture digital data recording technology to serve a variety of worldwide markets. Today our Okemos, Michigan based company employs a staff of  around 20 engineers and technicians.

Sensor Products LLC
Tactilus is a new electronic tactile force and pressure-indicating sensor. Tactilus allows an engineer to monitor precisely how force is dispersed between any two contacting or mating surfaces in real-time while the event occurs.

CSCommunications CSWave
CS WAVE is a virtual welding environment dedicated to welding training. It does not replace existing trainings. It brings a pedagogical improvement through the optimisation of the gesture learning and the concentration requested from the forthcoming welders

Cordin Inc
For over 50 years, Cordin has been the world leader in ultra high speed imaging and photography. Cordin frequently works with customers to develop custom solutions to their imaging research challenges.

 Corporate Data

Corporate Name Creact International Corporation
Head Office 1-8-13 Higasigotannda, Gotanda Masujima Bldg., 4F
Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 141-0022
e-mail: info@creact.co.jp
Established October 15, 1992.
Capital Jpn Yen 21,000,000.-
President & CEO Nahoko Sagarifuji
Bank Reference Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank (Gotanda branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (Gotanda branch)

Inertial Solution IMU, FOG
(Al Cielo  Israel)
Inertial Solution IMU, INS
(SBG Systems France)
Motion Tracking system
(Polhemus USA)
biofeedback EMG system(Wireless)
(Plux Biosignal, S.A Portugal)
ElectroRehological fluids
(Smart Tech UK)
Eye movement analysis
(EyeTracking, Inc  USA)
Portable EEG system
(ABM, Inc USA)
Ultra high-speed camera
(Cordin USA)
EyeTracking sysem
(Tobii Technology SWEDEN)
Pressure mapping system
(novel GmbH Germany)
Eye Tracking & Gazing System
IMU & Motion Tracking System
(InterSense, Inc USA)
Shock, Vibration data logger
(Instrumented Sensor Technologies)
Pressure mapping system
(Sensor Products LLC USA)
IMU, DVRT network system
(MicroStrain,Inc USA)  
Motion Analysis system
(TEA France)
Data glove system
(CyberGlove systems, LLC USA)
3D Graphics & Imaging system
(3rdTech,Inc. USA)
Welding simuration system
(CSWace France)
Virtual Tool & position Tracker System
(WorldViz, Inc. USA)


Major Customers
National Institute
Mechanical Engineering Lab.
BioScience And Human Tecnology Lab.
ElectoroTechnical Lab.
National Rehabilitation Center for Disabled
National Research Institute of Police Science
Advanced Telecommunication Research Lab.(ATR)
NHK Science & Technical Research Lab.
Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tohoku University and More Lab’s.
Major Private Sector’s Labs.
Company concerned Creact Corporation (Engineering & Prototyping)


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